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Ribbon cutting

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Thank you for taking your time to celebrate the opening of Theatre33’s new performing arts space in the heart of the BelRed Arts District with us.  We are thrilled to kick off our 10th anniversary season in our new home.  And to see so many people who have helped to get us here at the grand opening was truly special – we couldn’t have done this without you. 

It is a great honor to be included into the state budget through the Building for the Arts Program with the Washington State Arts Commission and have the continuous support of the City of Bellevue Arts Commission, 4culture, ArtsFund and Bellevue Rotary. Sabey family and Sabey Corporation thank you for believing in us and getting us started with the major part of the construction.  Viking Automated Sprinklers, Cascadian Building Supply, UniPro Inc, Armada Design Center and Units Portable Storage – thank you!  City of Bellevue  and King County Council, BelRed Arts Coalition and Bellevue Chamber – thanks for helping us with this celebration.  Hammers that Care, ALA Architects, CK Engineering, Veca Electric and Evergreen HVAC – you guys have brought our vision to life; City of Bellevue Building Review inspectors – thanks for your guidance!  Our amazing neighbors – thanks for tolerating the noise and welcoming us into the community.  And of course, our volunteers, patrons, supporters and hardworking board of directors - thank you for inspiring us every day!








It truly does take a village and ours has ensured that our children and community have a home where the art lives and thrives for years to come!

" We speak two languages and will continue to season after season.  Our goals are to introduce our culture to the community on one hand and to assimilate into the communities where we live on the other.  We want to preserve our roots and integrate into the cultural heritage of our adoptive county."

                 Marianna Chebotayrova, Theatre33 Founder and Artistic Director

Upcoming Classes

Youth Drama Classes Enrollment
Подростковая Студия - Набор
Improvisational State: Classes for Adults
Спонтанность на сцене: для взрослых


А Н О Н С   С Е З О Н А


People's Choice Awards
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Best Theatre Company 
Best Children's Birthday Party Venue

Coverage of Ribbon Cutting by
Bellevue Chamber of Commerce



Новогодняя Сказка
New Year's Tale (Russian only)
Boeing-Boeing (Russian only)
Living Pictures: 3-day Camp
Живые Картины: 3-дневный лагерь
Загадки Деда Мороза
Santa's Riddles (Quest)
Добавлен спектакль 21 декабря!
Детский музыкальный театр - набор
We've Moved! 
Мы Переехали!
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